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We have the competence to ensure the representation and the specification of our clients. By chosing Partenaires SM, thanks to our professionnal expertise, you will opt for stability and services tailored to your needs. We are always looking to bring and improve our methodology in order to offer you high quality representation with our professional network. 

Our project division is a unique system that covers all of the province of Quebec. It allows you to be noticed when preliminary projects could be interesting for you and for which you would wish to be informed. 
Through our contacts, we are constantly working on developing and researching projects with these professionals, this will allow you to increase your chances at bidding for projects that are interesting for your company. 
We have set up a digital platform in collaboration with several renowned architects so that this tool becomes a must in their research process for materials. We are constantly improving this platform in order to meet the requirements of the industry. 
The Materiautech is simple to use and very efficient. Thus, architects obtain the complete information researched easily and quickly. 


Partenaires SM is recognized as one of the leaders in Quebec in terms of professional representation. 
We offer our clients our expertise as a specification agency, for follow-up projects and various contacts with many manufacturers and real estate groups. 
Partenaires SM aims for excellence. All our employees are commited to this value, which leads to superior results in all our business sectors.
Partenaires SM, proud and passionate people sharing a common vision.


Partenaires SM now offers its services for the Ottawa and Gatineau regions

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Order of Architects of Quebec 
Designer Association of Quebec
Association of Architects in Private Practice of Quebec



Choosing Partenaires SM means choosing a quality service adapted to your needs to see tangible results.

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